About “Everything In Its Own Time”

“Everything In Its Own Time…A Mother’s Memoir About Adopting Five Children And The Ones that Got Away” by Rebecca Patton Falco chronicles one Georgia woman’s path from infertility to building a large and multi-racial family through both open adoption and closed (or “traditional”) adoption.  True life lessons and love stories about the challenges and joys of finding family through life choices and in sometimes unexpected places.

Young lawyer Rebecca Falco seemed to have it all: great family ties, a large group of friends, a wonderful spouse and promising career, but life lacked one crucial desired element; the children that she and husband John so desperately wanted, the imagined family they would conceive, raise and be mom and dad to. After many attempts at having a baby, visits to a fertility specialist and one devastating false positive pregnancy test Rebecca was still in what she thought would be peak child-bearing years when she was delivered a diagnosis of “unexplained infertility”. Instead of their dashed hopes being the end of their quest for a family of their own, it started the journey of a lifetime for the Falcos, a journey filled with loving choices and triumphs, loss and grief and a journey that eventually made them the parents of five adopted children.

“Our family is a chaotic mix of individuals from seven different gene pools.” Rebecca says, “Did I imagine this would be MY family? Never. But then I never imagined I would find such a caring and supportive man like John to be my husband. I never imagined that infertility would lead me to open adoption and to (first born) Emily’s birthmother and a whole new extended family. Each adoption was different from the one before, each child a different personality, a new puzzle to solve or simply accept. Would I trade them for my imagined family? Never.”

Meet Rebecca, John and the Falco family in “Everything In Its Own Time”, published by Honey Locust Press and available now at amazon.com.

Praise for “Everything In Its Own Time” from bestselling author Melissa Fay Greene (“Praying for Sheetrock” and “There Is No Me Without You”):

“The US census tells us that the current generation of American children is spectacularly diverse, the most varied by race, ethnicity, religion, language and country of origin of any generation in global history. Here is a story of an Atlanta family that reflects the diversity of America’s children. The author-mother, Rebecca Falco, bridges with love and resilience, her children’s varied pasts, challenges, and far-flung relations. In these pages she describes the creation, with her husband, of their larger-than-usual family, and the struggle to knit them all together into one loving, noisy, happy and precious group.”

About the author:

Rebecca Patton Falco has degrees from Duke and Emory Universities in psychology, history, theology, and law. She served as the coordinator of sexual assault support services at the Duke University Women’s Center. She’s a one time social studies teacher, a youth minister, and the former director of an open adoption non-profit agency.. A lifelong Atlantan, Rebecca is an author, attorney, athlete, adoption advocate and activist for causes involving women, children and issues of equality. She’s a wife to John Falco and mom to Emily, K.J., Skye, Journey and Becton Falco. This is Rebecca’s first book.

http://www.rebeccafalco.com   contact: rpfalco@mac.com

Giving back to children who need support:

Profits from sales of “Everything In Its Own Time” will benefit The Baobab Home in Tanzania, Africa, a non-profit labor of love orphanage founded by American mom Terri Place and Tanzanian dad Mwandu Caito. The Baobab Home lovingly provides interim care, meals and educational resources for abandoned children and children who have become “street kids” or orphans due to HIV or other causes.

http://www.tzkids.org/home     contact: info@tzkids.org


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