Summer Plans

It’s been interesting talking to folks about their summer plans or seeing their activities pop up on Facebook. There are family and couple trips of all kinds to interesting places in this country and abroad. When I’ve been asked the question about OUR plans, my answer is a little different. Our plans have mostly to do with connecting to relatives we’ve gained through adoption.

For example, we recently returned from a trip to Nebraska for Emily’s sister’s wedding. Emily was one of her bridesmaids. While Brittani and her husband Dillon honeymoon, their daughter Cerenittee is here in Atlanta visiting with us.


(Dillon and Brittani)



(Emily and Cerenittee)

Since K.J.’s birth family also lives in Nebraska, we were able to visit with his family too.

There are always new people to meet. On this trip, we met Emily’s mother Rachelle’s newly-found father – after 46 years of not knowing him. And K.J. met the half-sisters he didn’t remember because he was so young the last time he saw them.


(K.J. with brothers Colton, Austin, and Zach and sisters Ashleigh and Alexis)

During the wedding reception, we were surrounded by family that included both of our oldest children’s maternally and paternally related kin – aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, nieces, nephews, and so forth. I am still in awe that we have been so blessed.



Next month, we will go as a family to Sunset Beach in North Carolina. We will be joined by Skye and Kinsley. But we will also be joined by Journey’s Aunt Kristi and her sister Samantha from Oklahoma. This is a momentous occasion because Journey has never met Samantha. Sam only recently learned about Journey’s existence.



(Journey ready for Momocon last month)

The following month, we will celebrate Skye’s marriage to Ben Roney in a “re-tying the knot” at R-Ranch in Dahlonega with most of the traditional wedding ceremonial hoopla. Not only will we (the other Falcos) be meeting Roney relatives for the first time, we will have Skye’s birth family in attendance. In the ceremony that I’ve written (awaiting approval by Skye and Ben), both her mothers and families are acknowledged.



Meanwhile, an adoption search angel found Becton’s birth mother, and I’ve written to her, asking for any degree of contact that she is able to offer. She may not respond. But we are hoping that she does.


(Becton with his boys’ tap group last month)

I’d like to jump in a car or on a plane and take off to places I’ve not yet seen or experienced. But that isn’t possible right now. Still, when I sit and really think about the places I’ve been and the places I anticipate going as a parent through open adoption, I marvel at the adventure of it all.


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