Love Song for My Children’s Mothers

Love Song for My Children’s Mothers

It’s Mother’s Day 2016, and I wanted to share a slideshow with music that I created for my children’s mothers prior to the adoption conference in Denver. Rachelle, Tina, Kimberly, and Teri all have copies of this slideshow that depicts the history of our open adoptions. Now I want to share it with others – extended family members, friends, and those who have an interest in open adoption over time.

At first, I thought I would post my little movie on Facebook. But the file was too large. Then I read that using copyrighted music might get the slideshow flagged anyway. Despite this discouragement, I tried doing some compressing of the file. No luck. Then someone suggested putting the slideshow on my blog. That sounded promising. I could post it here but alert my Facebook friends to its existence by providing a link. Unfortunately, this blog did not recognize the format of the slideshow. Husband John then suggested putting it in a Powerpoint presentation which the blog would recognize. So that is what I’ve done. However, when I tried to open the file, my computer wanted to download it instead. I waited for the download, and then I could play it. I don’t know if others will have the same capability or patience, but I wanted to give you the opportunity try if you are interested. I’ll warn you that the slideshow is long – over 12 minutes. But on this Mother’s Day, in addition to declaring my love for my own mother, I want to declare my love for these wonderful women who have blessed me with being their children’s mother.

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