God’s Handiwork

If you know Skye and Journey now, this story will amaze you.  If you don’t know these children – now 13 and 10 – you should know that Skye hasn’t approved of Journey in 5 or 6 years!

email originally written November 11, 2001

I just had to tell you this short story about our wild child who doesn’t appear to be listening to anything a grown-up has to say most of the time:

Skye was in the bathtub with Journey.  She looked at her elbow at the place where she had a big scrape. She exclaimed, “It’s getting better!”  I said, “Yes.  It’s amazing how our bodies heal themselves, isn’t it?”  Skye said, “It’s because God is in our hearts and He heals us.”  Then she looked at Journey and said to me, “And God made cute little Journey too.”

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