Magical Moments

written June 12, 2001 (Journey was almost 13 months old)

There are certain magical moments you can only experience if you are in the presence of a very young child or infant.  One such experience happened to me this morning…

Journey and I took Emily to swim team practice in the rain.  Journey has always loved water in all its forms — baths, faucets, dog bowls, pools, puddles, etc.  I imagine that because her birthmother lived by the ocean and often went there for its calming presence Journey has a natural affinity for or attraction to water.  In any event, as we waited for Emily, Journey left the protection of the covered picnic area to venture into the rain.  For many minutes she stood and watched as the rain soaked her.  Then she began to reach out her hands and grasp at the raindrops, trying to pull them to her.  She moved around the decking, carefully reaching out to grab the gently falling rain.  Can you see it?

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