Continuation of Lap Running Story…

email written January 11, 2001

Journey is crawling from room to room and pulling up on furniture and my legs.  She cruises around the coffee table and other items the same height.  (It’s scary to think she might start walking in a couple of months.)  She’s also discovered stair climbing – which is a problem – because we live in a split-level.  We have a great gate at the top of one set of stairs, but nothing at the bottom or on the other set of stairs.  We will work on that.  We had a scare yesterday.  The older children had gone downstairs and someone forgot to fasten the gate.  A few seconds later, Journey pulled up on the gate and the gate opened.  Fortunately, she held on like Tarzan and screamed as she swung out over the stairs.  Emily and I rushed to her from either end.

Do the recall my comments about the kids running circles around the main level of the house after dinner?  There is an update.  Now they run, never knowing where the hurdle (the crawling baby) will be as they make their turns. They have also added prizes to the “race.”  One child will sit out and call the number of laps as the others circle. At some point the sitter calls, “Okay, time for prizes.”  The runners stop and the sitter awards toys from their rooms.  What amazes me is that they act so excited to receive an item that may have been sitting unused in their rooms for months.

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