Selling Books is like Selling Oneself as an Adoptive Parent

I am new to the book selling and promotion business.  But right away I sensed something familiar.  It is the same adrenaline rush I felt for many years when I was promoting John and myself as adoptive parents to an unknown – yet right around the corner – birthmother.  Each networking letter we sent asking others to help us find “her” had the potential to change our lives forever. Now, each time my internet savvy and experienced marketing friends send me a new contact for selling books, each time a reader emails with a new idea for speaking or selling opportunities, I feel my heart beat a little faster.  This could be the ONE that puts my book on the map.  This could be the one that helps me fulfill my promise to raise funds for sustaining the Baobab Home in Tanzania.

Writing “Everything In Its Own Time,” the story of our children’s adoptions and the adoption attempts that did not result in Falco children, was an act of love and leap of faith.  “This is who we are.  This is where we came from.  This is how we struggle to be a family, though we are different, in some ways, from one another.  Accept us.”

I’m trying to keep my feet firmly planted in the reality that I am an unknown with a story that not everyone will be interested in.  Selling books is work that takes time.  Each individual sale is a victory.  But I can’t contain that feeling, so familiar when I was searching for my children, that the BIG sale could come in the next email, the next phone call… Funny thing is, as much as I believe that I am NOT a salesperson, I am embarrassingly attracted to this HIGH of anticipation.

One thought on “Selling Books is like Selling Oneself as an Adoptive Parent

  1. You’re doing great Rebecca. “Everything In Its Time” is an excellent first book and a great resource for adoptive parents, potential adoptive parents and just an excellent read on parenting in general. Being a part of a family is a wonderfully messy thing, perfect in its imperfections. I think most people, in some way, can relate to your family’s journey in your book, if not by direct experience, then by emotional connection.

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